We’re back, because Anti-Immigrant Amendents are.

MassHope 2011
Join our vigil!

Dear Friends and Allies,

One year after our successful three-week vigil to defeat SA 107.2, the anti-immigrant forces in the Massachusetts legislature are at it again. The proposed budget for this year has a series of amendments that would waste the state’s scarce resources and increase hardship for all residents of Massachusetts.

The amendments have passed the State Senate and are now in Conference Committee. These amendments would:

Prohibit undocumented heads of household from accessing state-subsidized housing, denying safe and affordable housing to children and families.
Require all publicly contracted employers with fewer than 500 workers to use E-Verify, a costly and redundant system.
Limit motor vehicle registration to people with a valid license and increase penalties for driving without a license, requiring undocumented people to choose between breaking the law and being able to access work and school.

We won’t stand for this! Immigrants are a vital part of our state’s economy and society. Rather than criminalizing immigrants and creating barriers to access, we need the state to create jobs and increase resources for all its residents. We are starting our 24/7 vigil on the steps of the statehouse this MONDAY JUNE 20th at 8AM until these amendments are removed from the budget. Here are ways you can help:

  1. Call the conference committee members and ask them to vote against these amendments, known as “Redraft of Governor’s 122.”                                                                                                                Sen. Stephen Brewer, 617-722-1540
    Sen. Steven Baddour, 617-722-1604
    Sen. Michael Knapik, 617-722-1415
    Rep. Brian Dempsey, 617-722-2990
    Rep. Viriato deMacedo, 617-722-2100
    Rep. Stephen Kulik, 617-722-2380
  2. Sign up for a shift at the vigil by contacting Jase Gratini jgratini@msn.com or 781-534-4609. If you can’t stay for a full 12-hour shift, stop by whenever you can! PLEASE bring photos of your immigrant friends and family as well as allies to post on our solidarity photo collage!
  4. Make a donation of food, water, umbrellas, candles, or monetary donations. You can bring it to the vigil or make an online donation to the Student Immigrant Movement here.
  5. Contact Lily lily.yimche.huang@gmail.com or 857-204-5550 if your organization would like to sponsor the vigil.
  6. Tell your friends and family about the vigil.

Learn more at our Mass Hope 2011 website or SIM website.


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